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We build brands through ideas and creativity. Working with clients to develop a mission that speaks to their audience. Through creative design and marketing strategies, we create visual package that brings customer awareness and valued business.
Our case studies showcase works developed for clients based on their needs and goals.
Client: MSquared PR
Project: Brochure + Handout
Description: We worked with the client to develop a series of print collateral to promote their management team and showcase the exceptional quality of hotel properties they enlist.
Client: Jai Lyle
Project: Custom Clothing & Product Design
Description: We developed a brand logo and custom apparel designs that would be used for t-shirts, caps and other clothing items. Our printing solutions were used to create the marketing platform for the consumers. This brand represents a premium clothing line.
Client: Cocktail Chronicles
Project: Logo Brand Development
Description: We formed a partnership to develop multiple logos for each of its many segments under the umbrella of the Cocktail Chronicles brand. We brainstormed with the client with the idea in mind of having a unified look for each logo. Options were presented and the client had the opportunity to select the logo that best represents each brand. 
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